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Custom Apparel for Events in St. Charles, MO

Awe Shirts provides custom apparel for any and every occasion! If you live in St. Charles, MO, we can add a little pizazz to your event with customized clothing and accessories. 

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Adult Celebrations

As adults, we don’t give ourselves enough time to just sit back and celebrate the little things. Whether you won 50 bucks on a scratch-off or are retiring from your job after decades of service, there is no wrong reason to throw parties for the adults in your life. Everyone can wear matching t-shirts made by Awe Shirts to spread the word and look fantastic in the group photos. Holidays are extra special when you get Mom a custom-made t-shirt or blanket decorated by her favorite things in life. As you celebrate the little things, remember that any time is a good time for custom apparel.

Kids Parties

Kids love getting creative and working with their hands. Awe Shirts gives them this opportunity while also having a finished product to show from their hard work. It’s about more than making custom apparel—it’s about making memories that last both mentally and physically! Take your child’s birthday party up a notch by letting our team come down and help make anything from cups and mugs to blankets and bags the kids are sure to love.

Team Spirit

The best part of having a team on your side is letting the world know. Custom apparel from Awe Shirts gives you the opportunity to purchase matching team shirts, water bottles with each team member’s name, and so many more options all certain to bring everyone together. Even parents of children on a team can get involved with items such as dance mom, cheer dad, and even baseball sister t-shirts.

Shop Local

From parties for kids to random occasions throughout the year, we’re here to add the missing piece to any event. Give us a call if you’re curious about what we can make for you, and we will gladly discuss the options we have available! You could order online and pay way too much for products that might not even show up on time, or you could shop local with Awe Shirts for speedy turnaround and a personal touch of service you won’t find elsewhere.